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Ty Letter To House Of Reps


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Finially feeling a bit better and able to get to my Thank You follow up letter to the House of Representatives. For posterity, i ll paste a copy of it here for anyone to view.


Dear Representatives in the Michigan House,



I would like to take a moment to say Thank You for taking the time to listen to your constituents.

No one is taking these proposed changes more seriously than your constituents, of that you can be assured.


As they say, hind sight is 20/20, and you can have faith the people are aware of that.


Watching the hearings, and while giving my own testimony, it was easy to see that many setting on your side of the desk have been told a great many near facts, almost on point presentations, or simple lies covered in a vail of minimal truth over the last 8 months. The People could see many of you were just unaware of a great many pertinent facts.


When I was in school, we were taught it was a high crime to lie to legislation, regardless of who was giving testimony. While skewing truth may not be a direct or bold face lie, the resulting circumstance ends up being detrimental knee-jerk decisions, that puts us on the path forward to greater problems with deeper and greater consequences. These would be detrimental because they are being based on partial truths, non fact, and in some cases, plain science fiction. Samual Langhorne Clemens may be proud of the picture painted, but I am reasonably sure he would be appalled at how great fictional writing is being used to propagate a road that will only subjugate the Will of the Voters.


I can assure you, the Citizens you heard from, spoke about honor, respect, innocence, and mostly, hard, honest truths.



I will leave you with these finale thoughts, as you, our Elected Representatives, determine the fate of those that have in most cases, already been pushed down due to blind medical afflictions which already bares a hefty toll in health and financial cost.


Every Citizen that offered their direct, honest, and verbal testimony on March 8th, 2012, represents nearly 100 citizens that have been raided, arrested, and many cases, had their civil rights violated in the process, their families torn apart, had their property stolen though law enforcement call it seized, and have yet to ever be charged. Those that have been, in a majority of cases have been denied the right to a fair defense.


For every Citizen that just attended the March 8, 2012 hearing, (by most accounts, there were an estimated 175 people in attendance including those that offered direct testimony) each represents approximately 1000 current Patients and Caregivers that right now, are Authorized Participants of the M.M.M.P. Registry. According to the Head of the M.M.M.P. office, it is not slowing down. So by the time any of these proposed bills are offered, and perhaps see the 75% super majority needed to pass, the number represented by each person in attendance will have swollen closer to 1500 Patients and Registrants, and possibly 2000.


Patients are already targets for many in Law Enforcement, and the "Top Law Guy" in the State. This is done in defiance of the MMM Act, and the Constitutional Amended Ratified by the Voter of Michigan, the People You Represent. These bills will only enlarge the shooting gallery.


You, as the House of Representatives, have the distinct honor to be the Legal Hurdle that is part of our Great Nation, to Protect the People from the overreaching arm of the government. What good is a House of Representatives, if it is simply blown over by the hot air of the governmental jesters in their willingness to make criminal that which is not a crime, for the purpose of furthering a Governments grip over its Citizens?


Is this the State we have become? The State I spent the whole of my life Loving, Living in, and Working for and Building? The State My family came to in the 1800s? The State I choose to remain in when times were though? The State I choose to raise my family in? The State I traveled weekly to wire for modern communications? The State that I spent years climbing telephone poles for? The State I built houses for people to live in? That State I sacrificed my body for, like my forefathers before me did? The State our Forefathers left for us? Is this the State I plan to leave for my Daughter, Neice, Nephew and their children?


Is this the State you would feel proud to leave for your descendants?



Think Long and Think Wise. See you on November 7th.





Timothy Lee Locke


Proud Michigan Father, Son, Brother, Lifelong, Law Abiding Citizen and Authorized Michigan Medical Marihuana Patient and soon to be Caregiver.

(yes adjectives are great, and really offer no abstruse or dark meaning over the simple, descriptive nature they offer to the noun or verb they are describing.)




Please find attached, my March 8th verbal testimony in full for your viewing, I hope you find it as honest and factual as I intended it to be.

That line above about hindsight, I should of opened with a Citizens Objection on the grounds, the People that Passed this Act, were allowed a mere 2.25 hrs of available time to plead their case which was split in to 2 minute slots, spread out over an 8 (eight) month period, while anyone but the citizens, including Out of State Interests, had 8 months of time to spew their dissension to the very Body Voted in by the People, to Protect the People. As one of my childhood heroes would say,


"Captain, that is simply illogical".


P.S.S. Please forward this to any Representative I may have missed in the email addresses. Thank you.




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