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Renewal Paperwork

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I have just recently gone through the process of getting my Medical Marihuana Card renewed for this year and it is causing me some grief. My personal favorite Collective in Detroit on Woodward recently turned me away after years of consistent service because my paperwork was the original copy from the Doctor. After explaining to a heavily intoxicated office girl that it does not require you to send the originals back to LARA any where on the application she didn't know what to do. If fact common sense would say to keep the originals in case of a slip at LARA. I went round and round with the employee their and after a period of time I had to leave because of how sad it is when people are uneducated on the laws. I caller her back and I admit I became irate with her because of years of loyalty to that Collective and making friends with everyone their.


Bottom line, the State of Michigan needs to fix this mess and get Cards out quicker. Being a Cancer patient and getting turned down for Meds is unacceptable!!

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