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I run a caregiver service in Northwestern Michigan and im looking for anyone who would be interested in donating Seed/Clones to a good cause. Looking for a better variety to help the wide range of alements that my patients have. Looking for good quality genetics. NO FEM SEEDS PLEASE. If you think you can help Personal message or email me with details.




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I would like some free food, no cheap stuff though only top shelf steak and lobster. NOTHING GENETICALLY MODIFIED PLEASE. This post is killing me.

Well this was actually what i did in 09 and a good man stepped up to the plate and provided me with some killer free genetics (Thanks Fred you da man !)and to be honest in the 3 years ive only paid for clones one time out of 50 transfers its called sharing the love. :wub:

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NPS look for a compassion club in your area and get to know people . the majority are very helpful , kind , and sharing . I was afraid to order seeds but thankfully nobody laughed and instead some patients were nice enough to leave some on my door step . Don't let people get you down . The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act was born of the Compassionate Use Act not the Personal Economic Recovery Act .


Now I do care about caregivers too who are also struggling but people have to remember the system through regulation and criminality is stacked against everyone in our community . The only way to even the playing field is to treat each other with respect , as well as help one another voluntarily whenever possible not insult nor compete for limited resources which will create a discouraging non compassionate environment which drains us . One which prohibitionists are pointing too as needing reform when the truth is the current regulation and criminal environment are causing the same old problems in practice for participants .


The majority of genetics aquired by patients and caregivers these first years of the program have come from compassionate exchanges . I hope you find what you need if not what you want and can pass that savings on to your patients .

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