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New And Looking For Advice.

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Hello, This is all real new to me and I want to make sure I am doing the right thing. My health issues have recently caused me to file for disability. I have lost my job and insurance. I have chronic back and neck pain as well as anxiety and depression issues. I am tired of taking oxycontin and xanax, etc. But I am not sure I want to leave the so-called security of DR.'s, psychiatrist...etc. Is it really possible to get a CG that will work with me on medicine that will relieve my pain, anxiety...etc. I am 52 years old..have not smoked marijuana for many, many years. I am not looking to "get high"... I am looking to relieve my symptoms and live again. I guess I am having a hard time envisioning how this works...and just think back to the days of "smoking pot". Can anyone relate to what I am saying?? Has anyone else had thoughts like these? I have gotten some good info from this site so I decided to post and share my thoughts in the hopes that others may be able to help. Thanks. Cathy

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You don't have to leave the security of your Doctors in order to get relief from medical marijuana. Some doctors frown on it, others don't. My girlfriend lost 2 doctors due to her choice of medical marijuana but has found others who are supportive. You don't necessarily have to tell your doctor either, at least currently you don't. There are caregivers that would be willing to work with you in order to find the right strain(s) for your conditions. It's not about getting high, although the strain or strains that help your particular conditions may or may not have this side effect.

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unless you find a Caregiver with a Medically trained background, that can grow for you, i wouldnt look to a CG to replace your current Dr. But with that said, a good CG that knows his strains/meds, and gets to know your ailment and how which strains to use and some of the best options, they can replace the regular dr and certainly the prescriptions.




as Mike said, some Drs are ok, some are anti cannabis, so its a toss up. perhaps you can non chalantly bring it up to your current Dr, and guage a reaction.


something like in a moment of Small talk, say. Man things are changing, to think cannabis is being used medically now, its hard to believe. and see what the reaction/statement to it is......


also you dont really need to "smoke it" anymore.


you can make vape it or make oil and vape the oil

use the oil to make edible dishes and eat the cannabis or cannbis extracts ect.


im making an ointment to use as a topical creme for a rub when needed ect.

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Thanks for the replies so far. I am impressed with the comraderie I find on this site. All I know right now is that I did try some medical marijuana through a vaporizer last night and it got rid of my pain...and I slept the whole night through. I have not done that in 10+ years. I have an appt. next week to see a Dr., and just hope that all goes smoothly and I find a CG that does not mind working with new patients. Thanks again everyone. I am feeling a lot better about this. Cathy

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