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Approval Letter


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you should only need the NEW approval letter, it has all the same info your hard card would have.



like Bob mentioned, I would still make and keep copies of all your paperwork you sent in, including copies of the cashed checks for backup. But keep that approval letter with you 24/7 IF you have meds on you/with you where ever you are at...


and correct the new approval letters can NOT be copied. so keep it in great shape and safe.

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I carry copies with me in my pocket when I have cannabis and another set of copies in my glove box at all times.


I also have several copies of my cancelled check, application, doctors certification, that pathetic letter from the State, AND A COPY OF THE SECTION OF THE LAW THAT ALLOWS THE PAPERWORK TO SUBSTITUTE all nicely stapled together.


I put copies in my safe box, in my grow room, and in my car.


Don't take chances.

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The approval letter is serving 2 purposes.


1. It provides the patient with their registration number after the card is issued, but before it is distributed so LEO can verify status and people can make changes.


2. it provides a reciprocal document to the denial letter.


This is so people cant ride the 6-7 months it takes to get teh registration number, previously only known to the patient after the card arrived. for example, if the denial letter fell off of the desk into the trash, instead of into the patients paperwork, how does anyone that person deals with know they ever recieved a denial letter?


I dont see what the problem is with this letter and the whole copy/original argument. It is the registration number that is important, the copy protection is there to prevent fraud, not render the registration number invalid. I doubt anyone trying to fake one is going to put a fake approval letter with a fake registry number that LEO is going to run to verify on a piece of paper and hand it to LEO.


I think the copy of my money order that i have with my paperwork has a "void" copy protection on it, does that make it any less valid when used for verification? My point is, cops arent out hunting for people with fake approval letters.


Keep in mind too that the law provides protection for both registered and un-registered patients and caregivers. Just because you are denied approval into the registration program, that denial does not negate your status as a "qualifying patient". as being in the program is not a requirement of being a patient or caregiver. What it does do, is shift the defense that you employ from section 4 to section 8.

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