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My Digital Cannabis Library

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While cleaning up around the files i discovered that i have accumulated a fair amount of pdf files that are MJ related.



Marijuana Horticulture The Indoor-Outdoor Medical Growers Bible

Adam Gottlieb - The Art And Science Of Cooking With Cannabis

Alternative Medicine - Medical Marijuana News - Cannabinoids On Trial For Multiple Sclerosis

Arrest Proof Yourself

Basic Hydroponics System

Basic Issues Of Cannabis Cultivation

Beginner's Guide to Growing Marijuana

Botany of Natural Cannabis Medicines [Robert C. Clarke-David Paul Watson]

Cannabis - Big Book Of Buds

Cannabis Alchemy - D. Gold

Cannabis and Cannabinoids - Pharmacology,Toxicology and Therapautic Potential

Cannabis and Psychiatric Pathology

Cannabis Growing Guide

Cannabis Growing Guide - Nirvana

Cannabis harm reduction

Cannabis, Forgetting and the Botany of Desire


Chris Eudaley - How To Be A Pot Star Like Me

Closet Cultivator by Ed Rosenthal

Curing Marijuana

Do It Yourself - How To Make Hash Oil

Do It Yourself - Make And Toke Your Own Bongs!

Do It Yourself - THC Resin Extraction

Ed Rosenthal'S Marijuana Growing Tips

Elsevier The Pharmacological Activity of Inhalation Exposure to Marijuana

Ganja Etiquette

Green Harvest

Greg Green - The Cannabis Grow Bible (4th Edition)

Growing Elite Marijuana

Growing Marijuana And Cannabis

Guide of growing Marijuana

How To Grow Marijuana

How To Grow Medical Marijuana - Todd Mccormick

How To Grow Weed

Hydroponics-The Basics-


Jack Herer - The Emperor Wears No Clothes


Marijuana Botany

Marijuana BUDS for less -SeeMoreBuds-------(HQ)

Marijuana Chemistry - Genetics, Processing, & Potency - Michael Starks

Marijuana Horticulture The IndoorOutdoor Medical Growers Bible

Mel Frank And Ed Rosenthal - The Marijuana Growers Guide

Milton Friedman Legalize Marijuana - Miron Report 2005

Nexus The Hemp Conspiracy

Psychiatric Effects of Cannabis

Rockwool -The Book





The Beginner's Guide to Hash-Growing

The Complete Cannabis Cultivator

The Joint Rolling Handbook

The Joys Of An Herb Garden At Home (Version 3)

The Marijuana Conspiracy - The Real Reason Hemp Is Illegal

The Marijuana Grower's Guide

The Science of Marijuana

The Total Synthesis of Cannabinoids - Razdan (organic chemistry)

The Ultimate Guide To Growing Marijuana

Todd McCormick - How To Grow Medicinal Marijuana


Now if i could just make some good use out of all that :)

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So after collecting them in one place i find i have a few videos that relate to cannabis



Adventures In Cannabis Hemp. The Dutch Coffeeshop Experience

Cannabis Cup 2003

Cannabis Cup 2007

Emperor Of Hemp

Grass. History Of Marijuana

Hemplands Conspiracy. E01. Hemplands

Hemplands Conspiracy. E02. The Hempire Strikes Back

High Grower. Introduction To Indoor Growing

High Times. Ready-Set-Grow. E01

High Times. Ready-Set-Grow. E02

Hooked. Illegal Drugs And How They Got That Way. Marijuana.avi

Howard Marks - A Video Diary

I Grow Chronic!

Jorge Cervantes' Ultimate Grow DVD. E01

Jorge Cervantes' Ultimate Grow DVD. E02

Jorge Cervantes' Ultimate Grow DVD. E03

Just Say Grow

Marijuana Inc. Inside America's Pot Industry

National Geographic Explorer. Marijuana Nation

Never Get Busted Again. Bonus DVD - Hidden Compartments

Never Get Busted Again. Volume 01. Traffic StopsStrain Hunters. E04

Never Get Busted Again. Volume 02. Never Get Raided

Penn And Teller's moo poo!. S02E17. War On Drugs

Sea Of Green. Volume 01. How To Flower Cannabis Clones

Sea Of Green. Volume 02. Closet Cultivation

Sea Of Green. Volume 03. Hydroponic Cultivation

Sea Of Green. Volume 04. Growing Sinsemilla Marijuana

SeeMoreBuds. Volume 01. 15 Pounds In 80 Days

SeeMoreBuds. Volume 02. 6 Gardens, 6 Growers, 6 Times The Knowledge

SeeMoreBuds. Volume 03. The Perfect Garden

Should I Smoke Dope

Strain Hunters. E01

Strain Hunters. E02

Strain Hunters. E03

Strain Hunters. E04

Strain Hunters. E05

Super High Me

The Hemp Revolution

The Magic Weed. History Of Marijuana

The Union. The Business Behind Getting High

Timeshift. The Cannabis Years

Top Quality Home Growing. Indoor Soil Marijuana Cultivation


all available with a torrent download most found on kat.ph

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