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Colorado - For Profit Mmj


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I was watching a show on tv and they discussed the marijuana industry in colorado and said it was the only for profit.marijuana industry in the ccountry.


Honestly, I don't know how I felt about.it. I always thought it should be used as medicine but I dont know why it can't be regulated and treated in the same way as tobacco and liquor ...


What do you all think? Legalization? For.profit?

is that ok?

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i say license, regulate & tax the whole endeavor. this legitimizes (monetizes) the whole affair. only way to bring it out of the black & into the open. the only way we will get the state & politicians to back it... must generate positive revenue for em.


in reality... the medical movement is but the first step... then comes decriminalization... then comes full legalization. we need the supporting structure to make that happen... and taxing is the key to building this.


when you get suits & biz plans being forwarded to venture capitalists & banks willing to handle the transactions... u'l know it's coming out of the closet.


but this doesn't exclude the possibility of compassion where the truly sick & indigent can have safe, clean access to free meds... not like they can't do that with the regular pharmaceutical industry just the same. would be nice to have some legislative protections for the mom & pops that would/could raise a family in this emerging industry too. it doesn't have to be monopolized corporate bs. laws & regulations aren't nec a bad thing... if we had control that is.


2cents. peace.


btw... we (the caregiver/patient model) lost in CO... we lost to the special interests driving the changes... where they imposed legislation that limited patient access & rights, in favor of 'for profit/for a few' model. it doesn't have to go down that way. the lawyer groups were instrumental in waging war against the patients. straight outta cali thing... so sad it was/is.

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<IMG class=bbc_emoticon alt=:huh: src="http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/public/style_emoticons/default/huh.gif">

<BR>I was watching a show on tv and they discussed the marijuana industry in colorado and said it was the only for profit.marijuana industry in the ccountry. <BR><BR>Honestly, I don't know how I felt about.it. I always thought it should be used as medicine but I dont know why it can't be regulated and treated in the same way as tobacco and liquor ...<BR><BR>What do you all think? Legalization? For.profit?<BR>is that ok?<BR>
<BR><BR><BR>The issue always centers on supply and there I believe you have to give your plant count to a dispensary under some scenario's to use one . They have a complicated set of rules , limited system of disribution and growing from which supply is expensive . It is not a free market at all . They are being raided and violated regardless of the concessions made . We are so fortunate to have a caregiver system with Farmers Markets made up of primarily patients who have compassion . Because with the regulation in place in all Medical Cannabis states supply is greatly restricted driving up costs and prices hurting patients . <BR>Compassion is the only mechanism keeping market forces of restricted supply in check . <BR><BR><A class=bbc_url title="External link" href="http://www.denverpost.com/news/marijuana/ci_19729182" rel="nofollow external">http://www.denverpos...ana/ci_19729182</A> <BR><BR>The main focus of the Colorado model is taxing everything and focusing on all production through a microscope of regulations that are extremely intrusive , expensive and difficult to comply with . In any other business non compliance is a minor fine . For this one they making more and more complex rules that when violated are causing the jailing of patients just trying to treat themselves because the licensed system had done such a horrendous job comforting them . It isn't all on Doctors we just don't have the knowledge to fix or understand everyones health issues that cannabis comforts for many .and the program is voluntary the criminal system is not . The choice that is best for the most individuals is simply the freedom to treat themselves affordabley void of criminal penalties . I just want to remind patients medicine or presecribed medical necessities are not subject to tax in Michigan . <BR><BR><BR><A href="http://www.denverpost.com/news/marijuana/ci_19729182">http://www.denverpost.com/news/marijuana/ci_19729182</A> Edited by Croppled1
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Folks you have smoked a ton of Colorado Marijuana.



not i, my friend... spent quite a bit of time behind the scenes there... in the shops & in the grows... unconscionable comes to mind. but i also feel that way for most of the foods we consume through normal commercial farming techniques... same thing with our water supplies.


but michigan is a net exporter now too (or will be shortly w nyc & chitown so close, or ohio)... can reason that every medical state enjoys this status, or will. but that's what we get w prohibition. better from cali, oregon, wa, co, mt... or even mi... vs being imported from the cartels. decrim, or better yet, legalizaation... there is no other sane option. they bust those major warehouse underground ops all the time... locally... think that 100bow load is local? (cue broadway background music)


i don't know... no easy answers. prohibition has the whole thing in a mess... some deeper cultural issues at play. no easy fixes, not everyone is going to remain happy... we play a zero sum game here... there has to be winners & losers, it's assumed in the entire system/society. definitely not easy when everything is monetized.


sorry... freshly medicated... a little scattered... ;-) peace all.

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Michigan is balanced to under supplied right now. the Northern prt of the state is suffering. patients pay $350-500 oz. Michigan will never need to export under the current system. If anyone does they deserve what they get. Patients should be taken care of. Cost recovery. Not profit. Thanks, Bb




BB, in regards to this post please pm. I'm in northern mi and I know I can help. Those prices are out of control. SS

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