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Has anyone had the goof fortune of their Primary Dr recommending MMJ, or at least support your use of it in an unofficial capacity. I know they can't come out publicly without some backlash, but it seems to me that there has to be some MMJ Compassionate Dr's out there. I always try to be Honest and as I see some type of DR every 90 days I want good relationships and open communication and if they show discomfort with dealing with me then we can't have that relationship. I understand that many DR's would probably aid us, but are in fear of reprisal from others in the community. I don't blame them for protecting their careers, but only hope some do aid us even if it is not in the open. I know even before Medical Marijuana I looked for a DR that only cared about my physical and emotional well being and gave me his opinion and let me decide what was best for me.

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What area do you live in? In my case my family Dr isn't opposed to mm but he doesn't want to put his name on my renewal.

so what he did is,he wrote on a prescription. Pad that I was recommended for renewal of my mm card. this made my Dr.who signs the state paperwork happy.less records to try to get.he knows my regular Dr.is aware and approves. Doesn't. Know why other Dr.s don't do the same.i :rolleyes:

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