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Landlord Rents To Medical Marijuana Biz; Faces More Prison Than Rapist


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Remember those

letters from US Attorneys to landlords who rent to medical marijuana operations? In Montana, prosecutors have charged a landlord and he now faces more prison time than the medical marijuana providers he rented to.


Jonathan Janetski, charged along with Kassner and Roe, is looking at up to three years in prison, according to his lawyer, Todd Glazier of Kalispell. But, he says:


Janetski didn’t grow marijuana.


He didn’t sell it.


He was the landlord.


“He has no criminal history,” Glazier said. “He just rented to some people.”


To the best of Glazier’s knowledge,
Janetski is the only landlord charged as the result of two rounds of federal search warrants executed on medical marijuana operations
in Montana last year.


Janetski is scheduled to be sentenced April 19 on a charge of maintaining drug-involved premises. Although that carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $500,000 fine, along with three years’ supervised release, Glazier said the sentencing guidelines mean his client is likely looking at a recommendation of 30 to 36 months in federal prison.


“He would end up … serving more time than the actual people who manufactured the marijuana,” Glazier said.



Well, there’s one less vote for Barack Obama next election. But even if Janetski wasn’t sitting in a prison cell, I wonder if he’d vote for the president who promised that federal authorities would have higher priorities than medical marijuana and his Attorney General whose Department of Justice confirmed they wouldn’t harass medical marijuana businesses operating in compliance with state law.


I guess there are some interesting priorities going on in Montana. While Janetski may be sitting in prison for three years for providing a business space for medical marijuana providers to help sick people get their medicine, guess who’ll be out walking the streets sooner? Kyle Eugene Avery




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That's bad, ever try to evict someone? It's a catch 22! Took me 6 months to evict a tenet and they left the place trashed out. still trying to get it cleaned up!

The best defense for a landlord is ... what they call it? ... Plausible deniability. :)

In my neck of the woods the city created a ordnance saying you can grow in this area only.i.e. zoning law..... then made it clear that you had to get written permission from the landlord, and only then could you apply for a special license. Which becomes public record.

Total setup all of the way around basic entrapment 101.


Man do I feel like telling the city to go pluck emselves,

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landlords....make your ...."tennents [sign] a I will not grow marijuana"....Asa part of the lease/rental agreement...now if they do grow its non of your business....I've met people out west and that's how they cover their donkey-ets....one guy I met has 40plus houses and he only rents to growers...he will even put in the grow room ...supply equipment...nd strains....but then he doubles the rent and yes he makes people sign a do not grow clause but yea right you figure it out...the point is to help others...get here they want to be...peace

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