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Macomb County Sheriff Son Gets Special Treatment


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Macomb County sheriff called to pick up his own 'disorderly' son from house party





Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham was called to pick up his son and three of the son’s friends who had been drinking and allegedly became disorderly at a house party late Saturday, a department spokeswoman said Sunday.


Sheriff’s Capt. Brenda Baker said no crimes were committed and no arrests were made but acknowledged the sheriff’s son and the buddies briefly argued with deputies who were called to the party as the group was leaving.


“They were leaving as the deputies pulled up to investigate and I believe one of the deputies phoned the sheriff to explain what was going on and the sheriff decided to drive over there and took the kids home because they had been drinking,” Baker said.


The sheriff’s son, and his friends who attended the event, were all 21 and of legal drinking age, she added.


Wickersham, who was appointed sheriff in 2011 and is up for election this year, could not be reached for comment.



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I can almost hear the speech dad gave:

Son you know I have a image to maintain. This behavior is not acceptable, I do not want to receive another call to come and retrieve you and your friends from a party.

Count yourself fortunate that you were not charged with causing a disturbance, being intoxicated in public, and refusing to cooperate with law enforcement.


Sons reply: Geee thanks dad ( rolls eyes)

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He was in 'technical violation' of several laws maybe even a felony and yet...he goes home. A Patient/Caregiver who is out of technical bounds...Gets the full SWAT treatment may even get murdered by the police.....But definitely going to jail.....

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Can you say "Special Privileges" this is another case of pure nepotism! I would like to know if Mr. Wickersham exercised his fatherly duties while on the clock? I also wonder if Mr. Wickersham would pick up your son and friends or would he arrest your son and his friends? Pure Michigan, Pure BS!

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