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Phone Number To Report Abuse Of Elderly

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After watching the House Judiciary Committee vote this morning and then getting this email from Senator Hildenbrand, I was wondering if we shouldn't report some of our elected officials for abuse of the elderly. They certainly aren't protecting elderly patients and seem to want to bargain away our rights for personal and political gain.


What do you think?


This is from Senator Hildenbrand......



New toll-free number makes reporting child, senior abuse easier


When it comes to protecting our children and vulnerable adults, it's important that the first call initiates immediate action.


A new 24-hour, toll free number-1-855-444-3911- is now in service to report child and senior abuse or neglect. The Central Intake call center is available to everyone, including the general public and mandatory reporters (those required by law to report abuse) like teachers, physicians and law enforcement.


Complaints involving child abuse or neglect will receive an immediate decision on investigation, at any time of the day or night, before being directly referred to the county Child Protective Services staff. In cases of complaint involving abuse or neglect of adults, the intake staff will fully document and refer the case to the counties for an investigation decision.


It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our most vulnerable citizens. This new system is expected to improve the responsiveness of complaints and ensure proper measures are taken for the protection of neglected and abused children and adults.

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