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The Medical Marijuana Certification Center main location is in Detroit Michigan. They have several locations throughout the state. I would like to advise members not to go through them for renewals. I contacted them on 3/23/2012 @ 1:PM and paid $100 for renewal. I asked if it would be mailed that day. The girl stated no they don't work on Saturdays. She said it would be sent on Monday 3/26/2012. As of today 3/30/2012 I have not received. I contacted them and spoke to owner. She said it was mailed on 3/29/2012 the doctor had to review my records. I questioned why this was not told to me when I paid for renewal as I could of went to local clinic and received faster. She said they were doing their best and hung up on me!!! In summary these clinics are making money from us!! They should act professional and treat us patients with respect.

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It sounds like they are doing the best the can!(As in they sent it out as soon as they could) sometimes mail can take an extra day or two.

Also if to didn't want to deal with that hassle why didn't you go to the local clinic like you said?

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