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Throwing Myself Out There....

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Hello Mendo -

Your Cali open-minded circle outlook is a breath of fresh air in this forum. Along w helping out your parents, perhaps you are now in Michigan to be a synergist of sorts for our plight or simply community renewal. Keep on w your positive empowered voice. I look forward to meeting you one day. Peace. -Abe

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Hi Mendonesian,

Welcome to the forum, I'm glad to have you here. I have read some of your posts, and I don't think you would be considered a troll. More like one of us. I hope you enjoy the forum, it looks like you have much to contribute to our group. I hope you will join us in our struggle to keep the corrupt governmental villans at bay. We need all the help we can get to keep what was rightfully given to us by the population of this state.


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