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Question About Expired Card

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Does anyone know what I need to do for renewal? I have a card that expires on 4/1. I havent sent my renewal forms in yet. Do I need to apply like a NEW PATIENT again? .......or Do I apply for a renewal? I can't find the answer to this question anywhere. The card will be expired before the application for renewal will even be looked at, so I just need to know what i should do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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THANK YOU!!!!!! I guess I will start from scratch again. Hopefully I can find somewhere that will accept patients who don't have their card yet. I had a lot of trouble during that 7 month window of having my paperwork, but no card.


Why wouldn't you go back to your same doctor?

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get it in the mail TODAY if you can. it ll post mark march 31, you ll have a lapse, but it ll end up being a renewal. If you send it in Monday on the 2nd, i would put both new and renew app in with a little note stating due to timing, you were unsure which app they wanted, so you sent both, to please destroy the one not needed.

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