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How Many Times Is Lara Going To Redesign The Cards

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My friend received his card yesterday and it was different looking then the card I got in the mail. The printing on it did not look as crisp as the card I got in Oct of 2011, If this is the quality i`m goin to be paying for, I think I would be better off printing my card on my home printer. Has anyone else noticed this?

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That could be a good sign. Perhaps they finally got the new 8,000/day card printer they have been talking about for six months up and running. Disappointing to hear about the quality. I heard they paid $250K for it.


You mean WE paid $250k

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They're just throwin' us another curve ball. One patient's card looks like this, another's looks like that. A cop says it should look like the one he saw but it's not so it's gotta be fake. Now you're busted.


They play stupid games with our lives and freedom. That's what we patients get. Bet they wouldn't get away with changing DL or CWP cards. Normal people wouldn't stand for it but patients have to bend over and take it.


Legalize. :bow:

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