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Hello Mmma


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I've been on here quite a few times doing a lot reading but never really saying to much, after a conversation the other day with some friends a comment was made that got me thinking. They said sitting back and saying and or doing nothing is the same as doing the crime(or voting against it). I am a patient, I voted for this law and I think it's time to start to unite with other members and let our voices be heard before we lose this right. So, hello every one I've been dealing with failed back surgery for the last 12 years. My L2,L3,L4,&L5 are trashed from years of construction work. I've had surgery to try and correct but only made things worse to the point of having to medical retire from my trade. The doctors solution was a list of pain medications that complicated things even more. I am happy to say mmj is the only medication I have been using for the last couple of years and WOW!! After years of sleepless nights it's great to get almost a full nights worth of sleep. Great job on this site and keep up the good work.

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L3/4 are fracked and disc is gone in 5. server subluxations from T6-8 with a few floating ribs now, and plenty of dgd in my neck. also yrs of manual labor, and climbing radio towers (always looking up). last thing you want to be 400 plus feet up on a radio tower, is al fraked up on toxic pain meds... cannabis kept the pain away, and left my mind clear and sharp. Just what was called for when you climb.


Never got into the prescription poisons, but then I never got into being a medical practice dummy either. The surgeons wanted to cut me from tailbone to cranium, and hammer and chissel on my back. I excused myself from that conversation and have been utilizing cannabis since with fairly steady chiropractic care.


Nice to have more folks seeing the reality of this situation, and making the personal commitment to exercise more than their voting rights. It truly will take many to stop into the light.

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Welcome to the site ammp, glad to see you decided to begin posting vrs browsing. I felt your pain when you spoke about the back pain issues, I have just scheduled my 2nd surgery to try and relieve pain from ruptured l3,4 disks. S1, L1 are bulging and cause terrible pain. Surgery for me is a life risking event, due to my bleeding disorder but May 11th at 10am, I will be going in for surgery anyways I can't stand the pain any longer.


Anyways enough about me, I'm sorry about your issues hopefully you will find what your looking for here on the forums. Welcome aboard if you ever need anything have any questions feel free to send me a PM.




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