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Formally Banned But Stil Cant Post?

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Note: We will Still ban anyone that does not follow the simple rules.




the past is just that, the past. the ball as been put into play and it is time to move forward.


Be respectful, be curious, and debate your hearts out. just remember if you want to get angry at someone for this Mess. Look to our State AG and get more focused.


Saving the 08 MMM Act is the Goal, and putting Bill Schuette, or anyone in government that opposes Us on the unemployment line is the game.

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No I'm not a chit stirrer, well maybe a little lol

I speak my mind an kiss no ones behind.


I've been a member of this community since day one, I was a member of CPU, so I KNOW what's going on when I see folks bashing CPU it pisses me off, all hear say, an that is why I was banned, I do believe

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Show the members of this site your books and lets just see who is telling the truth. It will never happen because its all about the money with this site.

Plan and simple. Greed rules. Thats why laws will be passed that will stop all the money hungry bas that take the money from the sick.

Your days are numbered. Your site deletes post faster than someone can post. Your all about the sick my azz, your about a profit. Remember the facts will come out.

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