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What Are The New Admins Stance On

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with all the happenings i was wondering what the new admins stance is, or will be, on the following topics..will we back Dispensary's?...will we back CC's farmers markets?..what about MMJ legalization?...for myself as a patient i worry that all the attention given to the above just makes it worse for me..i'd like nothing more then to have someone trying not to change a word in the law as it stands...we can live with it..the disp.and CC guys say we need them for access,but do we really?or are they just after the money?a little of both?lol..anyway how about telling us your plans for the brave new world we're facing...bp..ps.i hope we can be the best friends ever..xoxo..lol..bp (better to be a smart @ss then a dumb one.

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I think that with the recent events that the site is going to have quite a bit of stir for a few more days. Im sure everything will settle in and these guys can get back to rebuilding things in a much better way. I'll hang out and see if you will my friend! Glad to see you back. Medcnman.

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