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Dazed And Confused Ii

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Posted Today, 11:58 AM


I do not know what is going on but I will say this.

This situation is so confusing, all I ever wanted was decent representation in the capital and a place where I could voice my opinions.

I have taken no side it this matter as of this date. But having put forth the effort to contact you Bb and getting no response makes me wounder if I have misplaced my trust in MMMA.

You could easily have sent me a request to add me to this site. To arbitrarily add me without so much as an invitation or "would you mind if I did so and so".

Has left me with certain reservations about the future of the medical marijuana movement.

When I joined the MMMA I felt it was a safe haven to exchange ideals and opinions. Now thanks to this current and obvious lack of courtesy I question your motives.

As well as those of MK. One thing I can say for certain is that BS has got to be dancing a jig in his office as he sees the division of MMMA's leadership.

This will be my last post here and so it will be copied and posted on the other MMMA site.


Farewell and best wishs This is also applied here. Farewell

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