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Oh No He'S Back!

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new TOS are being written up. no threats or personal attacks will be on it. other than that, phaque the place up!!



lol how come some one told me you were not a nice person, You seem pretty nice to me, well one friend did tell me you were kewl!

Thanks again!




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Hi! their Jim good to see you back i hope they don't ban you again lol


Thank you Bob, well I wouldnt take that bet, and im in control of my fingers lol!

Hey Phaquetoo,Good to see ya back Again lol take care dude!


Thank you rhino, nice to see some old friends

What is a flower child



a flower child is a lady who lets me have my way with her every nite!:rolleyes:




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Welcome back Jim.


Thank you! You are one person I am realy glad to see back here, Your name fits you to a tee, but that dont mean you wont set some one straight when you need to! :thumbsu:


I for one always enjoyed your humor and outlook,not sure what that says about me,lol.nice to see you back.



Thank You! roglmao, yea im not sure what that says about you either Bawahahahahahaha. but thank your for looking out of the fox hole for the enemy for me! lol




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well some one wanted it that way, they were totaly misrepresenting the fake membership here(meaning all of the banned and plane out deleted) although im thinkin know one got completly deleted or I wouldnt be here lmao, shoot even got my post numbers! just some one didnt like that i put in place of advanced member, phaqn troll, so I guess I will just be a senior citizen till this place totaly loosens back up!

how could you miss it?


Jim went down in a blaze of glory!!!! lol


what was Vendors link again!!!


Yea you want me to break my banning record in record speed eh, You know the url you put it in here! :thumbsu:




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