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Confused About Drying/Curing

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I have been having issues with my caregiver not having my meds for me on time, and always having to "buy" some from another caregiver. We have an agreement that I am to get X amount of meds from him a month at no charge, then I would be able to obtain more at a set price. He is claiming to have a crop down "Monday" and my meds from it will be dried and cured by the weekend? Something about this seems wrong, I read all the time that drying and curing is a month of a process. Also I have not gotten the "X" amount from him for 2 months. I wish that there would have been more than a verbal contract, but is there any way I can have him removed as my caregiver so I may manage my own meds? Thanks for any insight.

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Buds can be dry in a week but not dry and cured.

Most buds are comsumed before they have a chance to cure.

Curring takes a week minimun to acomplish anything noticable and up to several month according to some.

You could try talking to your caregiver, maybee he want a better product but is unaware.

Or $10 and a change form is all it takes to move along.

I have even been guilty of releasing uncured buds to meet demand, but always explain to the patients involved.

There is no real right and wrong here, everybody has their own set of obligations to meet and standards to keep.



Also 2 months without meds is lame as h@ll.

Two smaller rooms a month apart or a perpetual flowering method work much better for an uninterupted supply.

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3 days on the drying rack an additional 2-3 days in plain brown bags then into the jars but due to the weight limitations its difficult to get a complete cure .


And yes you can remove him with the change of caregiver form if you have someone ready to take their place or your can grow your own .

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It will take around a week, as was stated above to dry the meds properly. Since a caregiver can only possess 2.5 ounces for a patient at any given time, curing can become a problem. Many patients use 2.5 oz a month or more, and until the meds are transferred to the patient the caregiver cannot process more into usable meds. My own personal opinion is that it take at least 4 weeks to get a cure that significantly improves the herbs. I think it is almost impossible to legally have a supply of cured meds on hand, unless the particular patients use very small amounts. Maybe if the legalization effort is successful, cured meds will become more common.

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Thank you everyone for your replies. I will try and find the change of caregiver form and learn to take care of my own meds. I only use 1.5-2g a day. I have done a ton of research into growing, and since I am home all the time it would make a nice hobby.

I recently started growing, and yes, it is a great hobby. It gives me something to do and it's a lot of fun. The problem is the start-up costs.

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