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Finding A New Place To Grow Some Gear...

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Hope to find a home for some Michigan test grows for my brother KaK1963.


Looking for drama free zone with growers and some folks that can use a hand.


Ima old hippie and have a few grows under my belt, been around the forums a while and prolly have more friends here.


Was wondering why the grow logs are not postable.... have some grows going on and would love to post them here.


I have been a tester for TGA and other breeders and love my F-1's and the mysteries they bring to the grow.




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Hi Pete!


This site has been more politically oriented, but has recently undergone a change in leadership. I know there are at least a few great growers here who post journals. You know that I am pretty new at growing, but I would certainly be interested in growing some of Kak's genetics(I drool with delight at the thought). I have followed many of Kak's grows, he has extremely interesting and different genetics.


"have a few grows under your belt" lol, kinda like Bill Gates saying "done a little computer work".


This is an awesome opportunity, I bet you'll have a lot of folks jumping on this.

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