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How Do I Block Someone From Sending Me A Personal Message?

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When you open the pm you should see where it says block to the left hand side to block that user from sending you pm's. AK



Thanks!!! I was wondering the same thing and just successfully blocked someone!

Glad the crazies on.this site can be prevented.from reaching you!

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No Jim, it wasn't you. It was XXXXX.


He and I are also both members of the 3MG website. Like here, they have a PM system. I sent him a message. He mistakes that accuses me of sending him an e-mail when I have no idea what his e-mail address is - nor do I have any desire to want to know it!


If anybody on here is a member of the 3MG website they KNOW that when someone sends them a PM it shows up on your e-mail address and the sender is 3MG.


It's difficult to argue with a mental defective whose sole purpose is to stir up S-H-I-T. XXXXX contacted me about wanting to be my caregiver. I don't need one - nor did I ask him or anyone else on this site to be mine.


Hey XXXXX, go ahead and post away and while you're at it - post the entire conversation.


I'm waiting.


More drama from mental defectives who don't know the difference between s-h-i-t and shineola.


Hugs & Kisses,




p.s. some of you are cordially invited to my pants party


p.s.p.s. stop editing my posts LongHairBri. I should be fully allowed to tell what happened - OR - are you a free speech denialist like blueberry?

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