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Test For Tga/ Subcool Green Queen X Jtr


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I would like to share the final of my test run of this F-1 hybrid.


The seeds were started on Sept 14.2011 and are grown in a modified Pro-Mix using GH salts for veg, Love Potion from Maple Reef for flower. Botanicare cal/mag with the GH and Love Potion cal mag 6/1 with micros is used for flower.


They have been topped, supercropped, lollypopped. They were subject to a descending light schedule from 18/6 and finally attained 12/12 on Feb 1.2012


Plant size was too large to remove in total so branches were taken and trimmed. Yield is not without a smile, bud structure and branching remind me of pre-98 bubba kush as the colas are not stacked and solie ie: Vortex et al.


This is one of two plants run on this schedule, medium size was 5 gallon with 5 inch res or tub for bottom feeding.


Smells are lemon pledge with a funk undertone. Test nugs with 2 day dry are very uplifting and should be well received by patients with bi-polar or depression issues. My bride responded well and has had a wonderful day using in conjunction with the pharmas... a good balance is found.


So here is the first to share with you, the sketchier of the two phenos, taken at day 66.








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