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Petition To Get A Gov. Snyder Recall Question On The Ballot

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LANSING – A Dearborn-based advocacy group says it will soon be hitting the streets with petitions, hoping to get a ballot question to recall Gov. Rick Snyder before voters in November.


Michigan Rising members this week created buzz among MLive.com readers with a release saying that Snyder “abused children.”


“Gov. Snyder is bad for Michigan,” said Jan BenDor, the organization’s election specialist, in a release. “Our citizens cannot afford to wait another two years to get rid of this corporate monster; the recall will chop off its head. Snyder and his cronies are destroying our cherished democratic institutions and democracy itself.


BenDor wrote that Snyder “has abused the children of Michigan. He cut thousands of children off food aid. He robbed $400 million from the School Aid Fund, and then slashed school payments. This forced children into crowded classes. Then he signed more laws that privatize services, attack teachers and blame unions.”


Organizers said it will take about 800,000 signatures to get the question on the ballot, and want to gather 1.2 million signatures to withstand legal challenges. The group wants about 10,000 volunteers and $500,000 in donations.


An earlier attempt to recall the governor fell well short of gathering the needed signatures.


Gov. Snyder’s staff members said they believe residents are encouraged by the state’s economic improvements and won’t seek to oust the governor.


“We’re going to continue focusing on our work and not fringe recall efforts,” Snyder Communications Director Geralyn Lasher said.


The effort drew a mixed response form MLive readers. Some, like Durwood_Mac, were unhappy with the group’s rhetoric.



“I didn't vote for Snyder, either, but the way liberals have demonized the liberal Snyder, goes beyond the pale of compare. I cannot wait for one of these fools to come around my neighborhood trying to get signatures. Not only will they get 489 earfuls, I will then FOLLOW that paid low-life to each house, countering their foolish arguments.




Thank you for voting! Yes 66.49% (2,665 votes) No 33.51% (1,343 votes) Total Votes: 4,008 <a class="pds-return-poll">Return To Poll

I am no fan of Republicans, but the Democrats in this state seem like they want to play their statist games, keep towns like Detroit and Flint at their status quo and keep blowing money, until every few decades a commie president has to print money.”


But ableroone is ready to sign.


“If Michigan Rising feels compelled to attempt another recall campaign, more power to it! Those of you that believe it's an exercise in futility are just blowing hot air in my view. This administration and Legislature is guilty of every accusation Michigan Rising brings against them. Whether you agree with their point of view is irrelevant. Thousands agree with them, and that is most likely what Snyder supporters are afraid of. They just might succeed in getting the question on the ballot this time around.


People are waking up to the agenda of the Koch brother-funded organization known as ALEC. The people can plainly see how this administration and Legislature are following ALEC’s playbook, passing legislation that furthers their cause, as opposed to serving those that sent them to Lansing to begin with, that would be We the People.


Another observation I find amusing....To base your support for Snyder simply because you like him better than you did Ms. Granholm is overlooking the charges against his administration. Dispute the facts all you wish, they still remain the facts.”


What do you think? If Michigan Rising approaches you with a petition, will you sign it?


E-mail Dave Murray: dmurray@mlive.com and follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/ReporterDMurray



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