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420 Smoke Out

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We were talking around the barn this morning about weather we would stick with this site or go find a new one. it took us a while but we finaly decided we were too medicated to put in the effort to get to know a new site so it looks like were gonna hang out here for a while. Kicken Joe was fun for a while but it is gettin a little old, were runnin out of joe jokes, so we were thinkin, were gonna try and complain as much as we can tonight and tomorrow untill 4:20 p.m. then we were hoping everyone on here would sit down with us and puff hard on your favorite med and as you exhale let all the Joe evil go up in smoke. Then, we can talk about where we are going next, so untill then we say go nuts on Joe the blueberry, but remember we will be thinking of all of you and hope you all will be thinking of us at 4:20. Relax a little mods, its only 25 hours. Peace

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