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This Year'S Hash Bash Takes On A Political Air

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There was more politicking than in years past — and there seemed to be less consumption of marijuana — at the 41st annual Hash Bash, held today on the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor.


The crowd, estimated at 5,500, was about average for the event, which wasn’t endorsed by the university but was sponsored by the campus group Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, U-M public safety department spokeswoman Diane Brown said.


As in the past, fans of marijuana gathered at noon – “high noon,” as they like to say -- on U-M’s Diag, at the center of the main campus, to cheer speakers with shouts of “Free the weed!” And some discreetly smoked pot as public safety officers stood a stone’s throw away; they made only a handful of arrests, Brown said.


What was different this year was seeing petitions passed around by enthusiastic volunteer circulators.


“We need your help. Sign the petition, please!” Hash Bash co-emcee Matt Abel exhorted the crowd through a bullhorn. Abel is a Detroit attorney who is leading the petition effort.


If volunteers gather about 323,000 signatures, Michigan voters will see a proposal on November ballots asking them to legalize marijuana throughout the state — and for all uses, not just for the medicinal purposes that were allowed by the 2008 statewide vote. Abel said the campaign in two months had collected 15,000 and he hoped that another 10,000 would be brought today from across the state by petition circulators who attended the Hash Bash.


“I just don’t understand why alcohol is legal and marijuana isn’t,” said Chelsie Nicholas, 21, of Saline, moments after signing the petition today.


Her friends, sitting with her on the lawn just outside the Diag’s paved area, nodded in agreement.





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"And Finally, Remember to Stay Off the Blueberry".

This was the exact quote as I have it video recorded.


That's soo funny the way Michael got a jab in, in front of a captive audience!

Guess there must be compelling reasons why people are being encouraged to show a lack of solidarity at The Capital on April 17th by alienating Blueberry further.

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bluberry is very bad for this movement, stay of the bluberry Kool AID all bluberry does is lie ban and try to cause trouble in our community he is gone and that is good, time to move forward, we have lost so much by having that idiot in charge, he is all about the MONEY and his market, He needs mental help soon, NEVER TRUST A PERSON THAT LIES

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Ahhh, ok.


You may not have noticed but Blueberry has hella metal.

I don't think he needs metal help, mental help perhaps, but that's not for me to judge.

I'm here to rip on him when his name comes up and discourage any and everyone from getting off their donkey and represent on April 17th at the capital.


Someone told me that that guy has nuts the size o basketballs, but that's irrelevant at this critical juncture.

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There will be only one protest and there is only one legit MMMA site. It is this one. The other site was illegally hijacked. The only safe copy of your data has been in my custody for over two years. If you have your data stored on the Michiganmedicalmarijuana.org site, I would strongly advise you close your account. Michael Komorn and Chad Carr have stolen tens of thousands of dollars and were setting up to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars.



see the LIES that person spews, see how he turns on people so fast,


and he said the MMMA was broke, nothing but lies from that man

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