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Bubba Watson Wins The Masters Golf Tournament

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Sure was fun to watch - got the blood flowing. Needs to be sunny, low humidity and barometric pressure, and I might be able to play nine holes (and only need to be in traction for one day vs. two if I attempted 18 holes. :)) )


When it gets warmer, I'm willing to ride around on a golf cart for a few hours...with some like-minded/card-holding patients...(as that's the ONLY way I can make it through a round - medicating) :thumbsu:




p.s. My cousin Larry (he is my second cousin) is supposed to be at the Senior Open in Lake Orion in a few months.




I'll be following him around the day of the pro-am (thursday) - the day before the tourney starts (friday-sunday). I can probably hook up a few of you with free passes if you're interested in attending fri., sat., or sunday.

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that was good, Im happy for bubba, but that guy with the funky name hit that double eagle, dude that was awsome, I love golf and gold lol , did i ever tell you I have built 6 holes on a golf course from raised tee to green :rolleyes: and I did it all on like a 46 ford tractor, wasnt easy but was alot of fun, I wish my back could handle swinging a club or even a baseball bat!



Peace my friend


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