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Cannabis Research In Israel And Europe

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Hi one and all.


I keep hearing references to research in Israel and Europe on the effects of different strains medical marijuana.


However, I cannot find this research ANYWHERE.


Are these papers in English?


This is like tracking a Unicorn- everywhere I read and hear mentions this mysterious research out of the country but nobody has a citation to a paper or even the name of one (or more) of the authors.


If anybody knows where I can find this research it would help me very much!



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Thanks so much fellows. :goodjob:


I am still looking for the body of research on different strains of cannabis and the cannabinod extracts which are found in different concentrations in the different strains.


The name of the guy is: Raphael Mechoulam who was apparently the original discoverer of THC. He is over 80 years old- no surprise he would be blessed with a long healthy life... :rolleyes:


Cheers! :thumbsu: :thumbsu:

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