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Planet Green Trees Radio Tonight

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There has been a medical cannabis efficacy study being conducted through Wayne State University in Detroit, for the last several months.


The Attorney, adjunct Professor of Medicine, and Phd candidate in Sociology, who is conducting the study, Dave Peters will be on with Ken Beyer of the Michigan Testing Authority, to discuss the progress and current trend of the results.


Also, Dr. Detroit, Prof. Mike Whitty, recently back from an extended stay on the West Coast, will check in and update us on the cannabis climate in California and his planned activities for Michigan this summer.


Likewise, activist Greg Pawloski, after an extended stay in Massachussettes, will let us know the current political/legal scenarios unfolding on the East Coast concerning medical cannabis and cannabis reform efforts.


Hosted by Michael Komorn and Chad from Birmingham Compassion.


Call or write in questions- free gifts for some participants!




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