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Questions Concerning Cooking With Marijuana

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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Cooking With Marijuana


Q. What's the best way to consume marijuana in a recipe?

A. Marijuana butter is the family's desired way to ingest marijuana, along with sprinkling dried marijuana herb on almost any food.


Q. How long does it take to make marijuana butter?

A. Let the process slowly simmer for at least one hour.


Q. Can I freeze cannabutter for later use?

A. Yes, cannabutter can be frozen like any other butter.


Q. Can I buy some of Grandma's marijuana cookies?

A. NO, sorry you have to make your own cookies, brownies and cakes, for now.


Q. Do you accept other weed recipes?

A. YES, feel free to email any marijuana recipe, we'll try it, if people like it, we'll pass them along for others to enjoy. (Send me a PM message and we can discuss, and hopefully place your recipe on display)


Q. What kind of recipes can I expect?

A. You can expect main course dinners, side dishes, lunch, breakfast, soups, salads, desserts, snacks, bread and drink recipes. The goal is to cover a wide variety. You also get shown more than just marijuana butter to cook with.


Q. Is eating better than smoking marijuana?

A. YES, eating marijuana is a longer more potent buzz. It personally helps us sleep more soundly. It also helps with our arthritis so we can use our hands more efficiently.


Q. Can I cook with the new herb smoke known as legal buds?

A. Yes, the psycho active aspects of legal buds are different than marijuana, legal bud will have it's own unique taste and feel.




NOTE: These are someone elses opinions, Not my own. Link provided below from the source.




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