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Marijuana Growing Guide Free Library Helps Everyone Learn How To Grow Marijuana Plant

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Marijuana Growing Guide Free Library



Marijuana Growing Guide Free Library helps everyone learn how to grow marijuana plant hydroponics. Welcome, the spirit is to help medicinal cannabis patients and horticulturalists grow the most potent marijuana plants legally possible. Growing marijuana indoors in your own space, greenhouse or outdoor garden is not overly difficult but attention to detail is needed. You will find only the best online information on marijuana seeds, germination, marijuana plant sexing, marijuana growing equipment of today, hydroponic techniques, indoor cultivation, outdoor cultivation, troubleshooting plus a whole lot more. Learn something new and improved to help you do grow better ganja. Use the Grow Guide Index to find specifics on how to grow marijuana right away. Enjoy the best reading library with your favorite big phat joint.


Growing Marijuana Tips of the Month:

  • Keep enriching your cannabis plants with fresh air even until the end of harvest, it increases growth rate, hastens maturity and increases yield. Adequate ventilation cycles are a must, weed loves routine.

  • Change your grow lights every year, the color spectrum effectiveness diminishes over time.

  • Don't put old HID bulbs in new electronic and digital ballasts, it'll work but the bulb will fail faster, their incompatible, find the new lights made for the new ballast.

  • Try a few different new fertilizers on a few of your plants to figure out the best fertilizer for your grow garden.

  • When growing hydroponic marijuana use Ph meters, it's important to have the right measurement.

  • Don't wait for color change, use a microscope to see when your plant is ready for harvest, it should have 2/3 balls on the tops of the crystals of THC.

  • Don't go into your grow room during the night cycle, leave it alone.

  • When cutting your plants make sure you sterilize your scissors or clippers, wash your hands regularly, bacteria and fungus contamination is easy. Some growers are now using a fungicide on seeds before and during the germination process.

Marijuana Growing Advancements:

  • A growing light revolution has been going on for a few years now, as seen with birth of electronic and digital ballasts which are more compact, weigh less, consume less energy, delivering more efficient energy, create less heat, and save money.

  • Once you understand the marijuana leaf's absorption percentage of each color spectrum, you'll appreciate the ability to customize the light spectrum delivered to your plants in every stage of growth.

  • The world's first real digital bulbs are now being designed and hopefully perfected in the near future.

  • Feminized marijuana genetics refers to a cannabis plant that will not produce any male aspects.

Top Quality Growing DVD: An excellent step by step DVD video helps those who aren't into reading books and want to know how to grow marijuana. How to convert a small room into a dream garden of weed. It's all there from lighting to nutrients to harvesting. DVDs are educational and entertaining at a great price. Once we watched it we had to start growing cannabis right away.You can find resources such as this on YouTube, or buy simply purchashing something online or at your local grow supply stores.


Growing Marijuana New Additions to the Library


New additions to the growing marijuana free library can help beginners to professional farmers. There's tons of free information on the internet, we'll try to fine tune the selections presented to you. Remember medicinal marijuana is now lawful in certain parts of over 29 countries around the world, our green team hopes this legal ganja library is helpful.


Dehumidifying Your Marijuana Growing Room | Increasing Marijuana Yield | Regenerating Harvested Marijuana Plants

Organic Marijuana | Curing and Trimming



Grow Guide Index


Indoor Marijuana Cultivation

Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Guide

Indoor Marijuana

Outdoor Marijuana Cultivation

Simple Steps For Outdoor Marijuana Growers

Phases of the Moon for Marijuana Growing

Growing Marijuana Outdoors


Hydroponics 101

Marijuana Hydroponics

Why Grow Hydroponic Weed

Hydroponics Should Be Easy

Marijuana Hydroponic Systems

Marijuana Hydroponic Principles

Quick Marijuana Hydroponic Garden Set Up


Marijuana Plant Abuse

Female and Feminized Seed

Cannabis Nutrient Disorders

Nutrient and Deficiency Table

Troubleshooting Marijuana Health Problems

Ten Biggest Mistakes Marijuana Growers Make

What Type Of Lamp To Use

General Information

Basics to Marijuana Planting

Basic Marijuana Information

How To Build A Marijuana Grow Box

Marijuana Growing Tips

Preparing to Grow Marijuana

Marijuana Seeds Germination

Sexing Marijuana Plants

Cannabis Life Cycle

Marijuana Potency

How To Grow Marijuana - and Why

Indoor and Outdoor Garden Security

Guide To Growing Marijuana

Closet Marijuana Growing Guide

Complete Marijuana Closet Set Up

Pot Seeds

Growing Pot

Marijuana Grower's Guide

Gorilla Growers Guide

Dutch Grow Room Visuals

How to Grow Marijuana

Topping, Pruning and Bending Cannabis

Breeding Marijuana

Specific Information

History of Cannabis

Cloning Marijuana

Germinating Marijuana

Choosing Marijuana Seeds

Rockwool The Book

Kale Marijuana Growing Guide

Cannabis Growing Guide

Advanced Growing Marijuana Guide

The Home Marijuana Creator

When To Harvest Marijuana

Marijuana Definitions for Growers

Marijuana Botany

When To Harvest Marijuana

Increasing Marijuana Yield

Lighting Types and Intensities

Grow Light Guide

PH and EC Meters

PH Facts

Marijuana THC

Transport and Logistics of the Marijuana Plant

Growing Haze Marijuana

Tips on Growing Good Marijuana Plants


Disclaimer: This domain is for research, education and general information. Everyone must use the information found in this domain for legal purposes only. No one is urged to do anything illegal, this domain is not responsible for any 3rd party actions. Be Safe Stay under your legal amounts, and follow the law as written to avoid and possibly legal risks.


Source: http://greenmanspage.com/guides/




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Yeah when I ran across it this morning, I thought it would be a great addition to the forum. It seems to address many topics, and provides links to many many growing subjects that can be utilized in your growing techniques. Hope it helps even just one person with their grow, if so then it was a valuable topic imo. (62 links as resources)




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  • 5 years later...

The federal Cannabis Act will allow Canadian adults to grow up to four cannabis plants at home, but it need additional restrictions on home cannabis cultivation.

See the rules here- https://www.theleafnews.com/dearherb/will-there-be-security-requirements-for-legal-home-cannabis-cultivation-476157823.html


Heroin or Marijuana use which were undetected by other people but when it came to the brain mapping of
the addicts, it lightened up with activities.

There are two components to the brain. One is the Limbic system which is considered far more primitive

and the other one is the Neocortex which is comparatively modern. The human survival instincts are

controlled by the Limbic system whereas Neocortex is all about imagination, learning, behavior,

conscious or subconscious mind etc. Therefore Neocortex has a greater control over the mind and

the body.

When a human being comes in contact with addiction, it goes on to manipulate the brain by creating a

new operating system. When a person is addicted, it develops a vague perception of survival and the

only reward a brain can expect, is through drugs and that is crucial in the process of survival. The addict

develops a conception that he / she has to continue using drugs or consume alcohol.

The modern system is quite reliable and robust. The component of brain that keeps the heart beating and

the organs functioning now needs drugs and the urge or craving for narcotics becomes severe. At this

particular stage, addiction seems to have taken the form of a disease or condition that has completely

taken over the physical and chemical structure of a brain.

Now everything comes down to chemistry.

Source-  http://www.addictionrehabcenters.com/addiction-treatment/marijuana-addiction-treatment-and-rehabilitation/


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    • By trix
      So every day I read more and more about dispensaries, and government this and that.. LEOs hate this law due to lack of funding stemming from Marijuana arrests..
      I was theorizing this morning with a buddy of mine..
      I can see it now, the Government run dispensaries will cancel out our rights to grow our own, which in turn will put a halt to the "legal home grow" That will satisfy LEO cause they will now be able to raid each suspected home that has a grow and seize all the equipment and still get to charge you with a cannabis related charge. seems to be looking up for the big guys imo..
      They get to corner the MM market, and seeing as it wont be legal to grow your own anymore they know 40-60% of people have involvement in growing they have a huge new group of Marijuana users to target to hit their quota.. I'm not excited about the future at all
      All this belly aching about your precious dispensaries is going to ruin everything for alot of people that just want to get by and not have to go through another fiasco run by the government the same people that have no idea wtf is good or bad.. its all about the money $$
      Is it REALLLLLLY that hard to find some herb, the stuff thats been around since the beginning of freaking time?? Can't they setup a web based program that makes it easy like a click of the button kind of stuff for the real square/newbie. Kinda like buying insurance you have a site setup with CG's the new pt goes through finds your ad that fits what your looking for and move along????
      Sorry my rant is out of frustration, I just have this nasty feeling that the police and suits will get their way.. and Marijuana arrests will be here to stay.. legal or not.
    • By trix
      Medical Marijuana Using Canadian Mountie Under Fire 
      A Canadian Mounted Police Officer who is also a medical marijuana patient is under fire from anti-marijuana activists who believe he should not be able to keep his job.
      Corporal Ronald Francis began using medical marijuana on November 4 for job-related stress.
      Francis believes he should be allowed to smoke medical marijuana while in uniform, but his superiors believe that smoking medical marijuana could tarnish the mounted police’s reputation.
      Cannabis advocates are arguing that employers, including the RCMP, need to better understand medical marijuana and their employees medical needs.
      RCMP Deputy Commissioner Gilles Moreau explained to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that officers are allowed to use medical marijuana but they should not do it in public or while in uniform.
      “Definitely a member that has been prescribed medicinal marijuana should not be in red serge taking his medication,” Moreau was quoted as saying. ”It would not be advisable for that member, it would not portray the right message to the general public, it’s definitely not something we would support or condone.”
      Francis is currently assigned to desk duty and does not carry a gun.
    • By trix
      UK Police Find $1 Million of Marijuana in Nuclear Bunker
      On Wednesday morning, UK police made a huge raid at a large, well-equipped marijuana growing operation in the Drakelow Tunnels, which were used as a nuclear bunker for government officials in the 1950s in case of a nuclear attack. 
      The grow was underneath the English town of Kidderminster.
      A total of 400 marijuana plans were discovered, estimated to be worth just over $1 million.  The factory had hydroponic equipment, heating, lighting, and ventilation fans.
      The operation utilized 30 police officers and K9 units.
      Kevin Purcell, Norther Worcestershire Superintendent, explained, “While executing the warrant at Drakelow Tunnels, we discovered a large and sophisticated cannabis growing operation.  
      Although the plants will need to be tested, it would appear that the seizure has prevented a large quantity of illegal drugs ending up on the street.”
      The raid was part of a new three-year anti-drug strategy being implemented in the UK.  Local police began implementing the plan in September, looking to eliminate large illegal substance distributors.
      Cannabis remains the most seized illegal drug in England.
      According to Home Office statistics, 12,267 kilograms of marijuana and 507,401 cannabis plants were confiscated by the police and border service last year.
    • By trix
      New York to Hold Medical Marijuana Hearings 
      In December, the state of New York will hold public hearings in Buffalo and Mineola on legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.  The hearings are part of lawmaker efforts to get voters on board with the idea of legalizing medical marijuana.
      A bill proposed by Senator Diane Savino and Assemblyman Richard Gottfriend would regulate the sales and dispensing of medical marijuana.  Under their proposal, physicians licensed to prescribe controlled substances could certify patients to use medical marijuana.
      Those patients would register with the state’s Department of Health before being able to access their medication.  Medical marijuana would be dispensed through hospitals, pharmacies, or other not-for-profit organizations.
      The hearings are sponsored by the New York State Assembly. They are scheduled for 10 a.m., Dec. 5, Buffalo City Hall; and 10 a.m., Dec. 18, Nassau County Legislative Chambers.
    • By trix
      Denver City Council Votes Against Marijuana in Public View on Private Property
      On Monday night, the Denver, Co. City Council voted to approve an ordinance that would ban people from using marijuana in a private yard or on a balcony if the users could be seen from a street or a sidewalk.  This could keep people from smoking marijuana on their front porch or in a backyard that is not surrounded by fencing.  The measure was passed on first reading with a 7-5 vote.
      “Everyone up here tonight is going to make some enemies,” Councilman Charlie Brown told his colleagues.
      While outspoken on the need to regulate marijuana, Brown said: “I can’t support it. I believe in individual private property rights.”
      One opponent of the ordinance told the council, “I would rather see police going after serious drug problems than playing security patrol for the Stepford wives.”
      On the other side of the issue, a parent argued that allowing residents to smoke pot in their front yards “undermines our conversations with our children by making it appear OK.”
      Many marijuana advocates believe the ordinance is hypocritical given that individuals can smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol in public view on their private property, which could also send the message that those actions are “OK”.
      Mason Tvert, head of the City Council’s Amendment 64 Committee, said that “there’s no reason to put into place a virtually unenforceable law.”  Tvert believes that the issue should be handled by individual communities through homeowner association rules or nuisance abatement laws.
      The council will hold the second vote on this matter next Monday.  It is expected that it will pass again.

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