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We all know that plants “breath” CO2 and expel oxygen during photosynthesis, but few growers understand the important role oxygen plays in producing high-quality medical marijuana buds. The oxygen critical to the growth of medical marijuana is generally discussed as either dissolved oxygen (found in the water or nutrient solution) or gaseous oxygen found in the air.


Liquid Oxygen For Healthy Microbial Life


Dissolved oxygen is the driving force behind a high concentration of beneficial microorganisms contained within the planting medium. Dissolved oxygen is oxygen that is held between the water molecules (H2O). The amount of dissolved oxygen held by water is inversely proportionate to the temperature. As the water or nutrient solution’s temperature rises its ability to hold dissolved oxygen decreases. On the other hand, as the temperature of the water or nutrient solution drops the ability to hold dissolved oxygen increases. This is why it is so important to keep the temperature of hydroponic reservoirs stable and in a desired range. Most hydroponic systems operate most efficiently if the temperature of the nutrient solution is kept between 65-70°F.


When temperatures exceed 70° there will be a drop in dissolved oxygen; this, in turn, will influence the functions of the beneficial microorganisms. The higher the temperature rises the higher the likelihood of developing pathogenic pests and diseases. Dissolved oxygen not only affects the microbial activity around the plant’s rhizosphere but also can regulate the availability of certain nutrients. Nitrogen, for example, can be adversely affected by insufficient dissolved oxygen levels, compromising the nitrogen cycle in the soil.


Gaseous Oxygen For Healthy Marijuana Roots


Of all the essential elements needed for plant growth one that is commonly overlooked is gaseous oxygen. Few people realize that plants absorb oxygen in its gaseous form via their root cells. In order to continue to absorb nutrients and water a plant’s roots must continue to grow, and Oxygen is required that growing to take place. A plant’s root system requires oxygen and expels CO2; much like humans use oxygen and expel CO2. This process is commonly overlooked because plants create more oxygen than they use so most people observe this fact as a moot point. However, the oxygen absorbed in its gaseous form is an essential element and vital to the biological functions of medical marijuana plants. This is one of many reasons medical marijuana plants benefit from fresh air intakes in ventilation systems, especially in environments supplementing high amounts of CO2.


In order for a medical marijuana grower to breath a sigh of relief they must allow their medical marijuana plants, or more specifically the medical marijuana plant’s roots, to breath the precious oxygen that is essential to healthy growth. Aeration of the soil or nutrient solution combined with sufficient ventilation and temperature control will ensure your medical marijuana plants receive the dissolved oxygen and gaseous oxygen they need to flourish.





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