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Att: Any Guitar Players, I Have A Question?

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Need a little assitance from you Guitar player's out there, Here is a description along with a photo of a guitar that was offer to me via trade/barter.. I don't play the guitar, that doesn't mean I won't upgrade from what I'm offering. your opinions on this would be helpful. Does anyone know how much one of these go for?



I have a Magnum acoustic guitar in decent shape that plays great. I've had a few people turn down the offer simply because they cannot find sufficient research on my guitar. The model number is 4400 but it's very old and even I cannot find too much information online about it. I assure you it's not anything cheap or poorly crafted though.





Good deal, lemme know if you can help identify this, and what you would feel a fair market price would be?


Thanks so much for looking,




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Hey brothers,


Looks like a Magnum. Some collectors like them. Last one I sold at a store went for $100 w/ case.


Kinda difficult to see the condition of the entire guitar, such as the top-side-back joints and where the neck is joined, to see if there are any cracks. Also look at the bridge to see if it's lifting or if the top is warped from age...and what shape the tuners are in...are the tuners original? Is there a case with the guitar? Is there a tag inside the body? Very important are the condition of the frets too. Playability or action, depends on the frets and string height. Low is good, high is bad.


Looks like a nice old piece. Depending on condition, a fair price would be from $100-$300.


Hope this helps.




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