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Oregon Giving Medical Marijuana Edibles Company A Hard Time


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Officials in Oregon Are Giving A Small Medical Marijuana Edibles Company A Hard Time


Not all medical marijuana patients want to necessarily smoke their marijuana. Edible marijuana products are favorable to many patients, and a healthier alternative from smoking. However, getting their hands on these edibles can sometimes be difficult.


In Oregon, Richard Nuckols, the owner of a new non-profit company called MaryJane’s Treats wants to change all of this. He has just applied for a business license in Medford, OR, to start a company that wants to make medical marijuana edibles such as granola bars, fudge, all-natural candies, gummy bears, cookies and brownies.


So far however, MaryJane’s Treats is not being treated with a warm welcome by the city of Medford. Commenting on the company’s application for a business license, which he is denying, Medford Police Chief Tim George said, "I think the real issue is this is a violation of federal law… Strike two is that it's a violation of Oregon medical marijuana laws." City Finance Director Allison Chan is also denying the application.


Nuckols however, seems to have a very solid legal plan for his company. His idea is to have medical marijuana patients bring in their own marijuana to his new kitchen. He would then have their treat of choice cooked and delivered to various medical marijuana centers. Since he is not actually providing the medical marijuana to patients, Nuckols insists he is not in violation of Oregon’s medical marijuana laws. "If the patients bring you the medication and you turn it into concentrate, and give it back to them, that's OK…. We have not (nor do we have any intention to be) engaged in unlawful activity," he said.


Our fingers are crossed for MaryJane’s Treats!






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