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Kentucky Police Stepping Up Anti-Marijuana Efforts


Jul 10, 2012



Kentucky State Troopers are planning to set up their annual marijuana eradication efforts this week. They will be searching for illegal marijuana grows on the ground and via helicopter.


Currently, the troopers are being trained to spot marijuana grows from the air as well as how to avoid booby traps at grow sties on the ground.


Aside from the state troopers, members of the US DEA, the Kentucky National Guard, and the US Forestry Service will be taking part in the searches.


Last year alone, police recovered over $800 million worth of marijuana. 371 arrests were made during the troopers’ marijuana eradication efforts.


Kentucky’s state and local law enforcement officials are known for being some of the toughest in the country when it comes to marijuana enforcement.


Earlier this week, Louisville Senator Perry Clark unveiled legislation that will legalize medical marijuana in the state of Kentucky, should it be passed.






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