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Dear members of the Downriver Community,


I "Cannabis Chris" R. (secretary), no longer feel that the current direction of DRCCC Inc., under it's current leadership, matches either my own personal goals, or the best interest of the Downriver medical marijuana community as a whole.


It is of great concern to me, that without drastic & immediate changes to the current leadership and direction of DRCCC Inc., the goals I set forth to obtain for this community will never be met.


I hereby resign as secretary of DRCCC Inc., at this time, and give up any position I held on the board of directors - effective immediately and with no further involvement in DRCCC Inc. business or affairs.


I would however, like to keep my charter membership, which is in good standing with the Downriver Community Compassion Club, as I feel that with a change in the current leadership - DRCCC Inc., as well as the Downriver Community Compassion Club(s), (or Detroit Regional Community Compassion Clubs as also known), will be able to change our direction and thrive as a COMMUNITY based group - in the future.



"Cannabis Chris" R.

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This is exactly why I do NOT attend any of those so-called compasion clubs, and have heard of many cc's having issues with money among leadership. If you really want to pay for a great organization, go with NORML. I just think that since the mmj law passed, that there are so many out there that want to capitalize off of it. This is why I do not agree with some caregivers transferring their medz for high dollar, which is most of them. These people are in it, just for the money, and talk about being soo compassionate, but yet, get a high dollar amount.

Just look at the prices at the dispensary in Warren. REDICULOUS! These people do not set a guidline for donation costs! Furthermore, an ounce of good quality medz should never cost more than 260..........................just saying :money:

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I know exactly what you are talking about. I moved up from florida and joined DCCC and started looking for meds. $70.00 for 3.5 gr is crazy.

Posted some of my toughts on this subject. I'm known as HydroMike. I trying to show people how to grow in hydro. I saw your post on DCCC website before they erased it. I tried to find a caregiver until I could get settled. All I got was people trying to sell me meds at redicous prices. What I did get was crap.

They don't like me there because I believe in total compassion of helping people not praying on there disabled to profit. Check out my video and photos. I have never charged or made a profit on my help for anyone!

I am a professional hydroponics grow since 1987



For more info go Downriver Community Compassion Club website.





I just bought




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