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Mm Pt May Have Found Loophole To Keep Job, After Failed Drug Test


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Medical Marijuana Patient Fired For Failing Drug Test May Have Found Loophole to Keep Job


Jul 11, 2012


Sonny Meyers is a former DISH Network employee from Colorado. He was fired earlier this year for failing a drug test after using medical marijuana to help deal with the symptoms of ocular migraines, which can be debilitating.



The 69 year old was hired by DISH Network 5 years ago to fill various roles with the company including sales and equipment verification., which is similar to a fraud investigation unit.


Meyers received a doctor’s recommendation to use medical marijuana to treat his migraines in 2010. The medicine greatly relieved his symptoms and he continued to use it.


According to Meyers, he checked the company’s employee handbook before starting to use the drug, and he saw nothing which prohibited employees from being registered medical marijuana patients or using medial marijuana. Meyers felt especially protected because medical marijuana is legal in Colorado and he is a registered user. Meyers added that he never used medical marijuana on the job.


In May 2011, Meyers was given a random drug test and tested positive for THC. The company fired Meyers, citing that they follow federal law, not state law. His claim for unemployment was denied, and his argument to the Industrial Claims Appeals Office was denied, as he was found to be the cause of is dismissal.


Meyers did not give up there. He filed an additional complaint with the Colorado Court of Appeals, and the jury noted that because medical marijuana use was not forbidden in DISH Network’s employee drug policy guide, he had no way to know that medical marijuana was not allowed.


So far, a final ruling has not been made regarding Meyers’ case. But the outcome has the potential to have large repercussions for businesses in Colorado and other medical marijuana states. This case could set the precedent for how companies handle drug testing and firing when it comes to legal medical marijuana patients.


Meyers hopes that by speaking out about the situation and having it told by the media that he will be able to shed light on the unfair treatment of medical marijuana patients throughout the country.






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