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Dea Raids Grow In Lasalle

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Police agencies, armed with a search warrant, used a battering ram to gain entrance to a house in LaSalle Township Thurs­day and seized property and paraphernalia sus­pected to be used in a marijuana growing opera­tion, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Several sheriff’s deputies and the Monroe County Special Response Team as­sisted the Toledo office of the Drug Enforcement Ad­ministration with execut­ing a search warrant for a marijuana grow operation in the 3000 block of Sec­ond St. in LaSalle.


At 8 a.m., police battered in the front door of the res­idence and found several grow lights, duct fans and filters of various sizes and other items in the base­ment.


The DEA also seized a Harley Davidson motor­cycle.

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Where was the marijuana?

Lights, fans and filters do not make one guilty of growing cannabis.

Where was/is the illegality in owning those items?

If grow lights are illegal, somebody better tell Every commercial greenhouse that they will get raided.. Just joking, well maybe.

I followed the link. No statement of finding any plants, money, meds.

Oh they happened to find a Harley that they thought they should take( I mean STEAL ) from him. Fukken pigs.

FREE THE WEED, And fire those bums!!!!

I do not care if he had 300 plants in his house. One Bottle of pills ( most any pill ) would be more deadly. That is what Should Matter!!

Lets put another person in prison for growing a non-toxic naturalpathic plant...

Meanwhile big pharmacy kills hundreds if not thousands. Where is their raids? Where is their prison sentencez being served for producing a life threatening product?

Fukking Hypocritical Arseholes...

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Monroe county law enforcement is obviously informing the DEA regarding these medical grows they know they cant touch anything but it wont stop the DEA I'm wondering if the corrupt drug task force in Monroe is getting a cut of the forfeited property's like the green house property they took earlier this year from another licensed grower

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