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Ok, I'll Come Out Too!

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Have genetic disease that has caused pain most of my life. Started smoking in high school. The doctors said I would be dead by the time I turned 30. I went on with my life, travelling, attending college for over 8 years and almost succeeded at getting my PhD (had to drop out to have more surgery), had two children, led an active life as a working mother with children (and always in school it seems), reached the managerial level at the State, published articles and chapters in textbooks such as Jones and Bartlett. .. Yes, my disability finally slowed me down and when the law for legalization for marijuana passed, I was one of the first patients. My life was predicted to end at 30, but I am still living at 57.


So, don't tell me marijuana makes one lazy, stupid or whatever else it has been blamed for. And, the medicinal potential for its use in treating chronic illnesses is uncompassionately ignored by even the brightest of researchers. Plants are the basis for many pharmaceutical medications-like digoxin from the foxglove plant.


Marijuana gave me the edge to surpass the pain and succeed in life for more years than I was supposed to even live.

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