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I need some help earwigs are messing up my crop. i have been down for a bit and im back up and going and i have a cpl orange bud plants and earwigs are just trashing them i have bug killer that works but i cant treat the plants with it. it looked as if all was good but turns out its not. i treated the plants with azamax but that does nothing to the earwigs. i need some way to repell them. i have done all i can to prevent them but it seems that the area i live in is favored by the lil buggers. so unless i call a company to come spray for them which i really dont want to do i need to figure out a way to keep them at bay. it seems that they only like the orange bud they have done nothing to my sweet deep grapefruit and the lemon skunk is untouched. im almost positive that my grow room is what is attracting them. fresh growth cooler temps than outside plus its in a basement its the perfect enviroment for earwigs and they dont seem to be in any other part of the house and dont attack any of the house plants.Anyone know how to repell them?

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