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Need Glass Repair For An Easy Fix

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I am in the metro-Detroit area desperately looking for someone to help fix my bong. It should be an easy fix, it is just the base (which is a separate piece of glass jointed on) that broke, nothing on the inside.


It is made by BOOM and it is either borosilicate or Schott glass, I can't tell :/


If anyone could refer me to a glass blower or is one themselves, I would really appreciate it!









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Once you grind off the end and have a flat surface to work with you can do what ever you want. We could cut a replacement or fuse one. All depends on how much you want to spend. I have a favorite bong also. It's about 30 years old when I got it. The only warning I will give you is that anyone who grinds off the bottom will create vibration. Any slight fracture in the piece already could take it out completely.



Once it's smooth, create a bottom piece (plastic, Cut glass, or fused) and use E-6000 glass glue. That should take care of it with minimal imperfections. We don't do this for a living just a hobby so someone else might be your best bet if your looking for commercial quality repair.

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There are plenty of glass blowers out there that can make that as good as new....HJ

I would love to believe you, but none of them seem to be around. I called everywhere I could think of that either sells or works with glass, and literally no-one would do it. Though Dman seems to be stepping up to the plate :D

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The Boom piece is 2 inches across at the mouth, 5mm thick, 17 inches tall. The pedistal section that broke is ~1 inch wide and is angled to add about 1/2 an inch.

It also has 2 tree percolators inside of it, each with 5 arms. The ground-glass joint is 19mm (fits a 14mm downstem or an 18mm bowl with no downstem :P )and the pipe also has 3 ice pinches above the top set of tree-percs.

Aside from the most recent breakage she is untouched, as far as I know. I have yet to see any kind of scratch or crack anywhere on the piece.






Still looking for someone to help me out!

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Don't grind anything off. Just sink the base of your bong into a tuna can full of plaster of Paris. The lip of the can will hold the plaster in place. The wide base will hold up your bong until you can find someone to repair it properly. Then, just smash the plaster of Paris by driving a nail into it in an number of places.


If you feel artistic, you can pour the plaster into a small box or aluminum foil pan with you can peel off and discard after the plaster hardens, then carve the surface flat and paint on it. Or carve whatever out of the plaster. You could even make a mold of a toy vacuum cleaner (let's say) and have your bong be the handle of a plaster of Paris vacuum cleaner base.

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