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New Patient In Madison Heights Seeks Local Cg

pic book

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He called last night and we are not a fit. We're 20 minutes distant (near downtown Detroit) and he wants a CG within 10 minutes max. He's 20, has never had a CG. He's tried two grows, both of which failed; one sunlight, one cfl's. Now lives in a building where growing is not allowed. On the phone he was quiet, calm, respectful.and certain of his goals: to be a grower and someday, a CG himself. He's employed 5 days, 20's, seeking a CG to teach him to grow. He's willing to sign a contract for a period (I recommend one-year), and requiring 30 days written notice to quit (the terms we ourselves use). If you will consider being a grow teacher, coach and mentor to a patient quite sure he will quit you after he's learned to grow in your garden, send me a PM. Thanks.

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