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Explaining 'passion' To Others

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So as my wife and I are laying down for bed last night, she looks over and asks me, "why are you so interested in and passionate about marijuana?" She went to note how I'm constantly working in my grow room, posting on online news articles, researching new techniques to improve my grow, etc. and that she'd never seen anyone so focused on a singular issue.


I tried my best to explain it to her. How I've seen the wonders marijuana can do for sick people. How I see it as a fundamental issue of freedom. How I can't stand idly by and accept the nation's hypocritical and dangerous prohibitionist policies. How I can't stand bullies and that this is the ultimate in bullying by LEO and the Guv'ment on the weakest and sickest in our society. How the plant itself is fascinating to grow. Still, at the end of the conversation, I could tell she still didn't 'get it.'


As a bit of context, my wife doesn't use marijuana. She's tried it a couple of times and just doesn't care for it. She does caregive, but only because it helps support our family. She has been amazingly accommodating of my passion and caregiving, so it isn't like she wants me to quit. She just doesn't understand fully why I am compelled to do it.


I really struggled with this question of explaining passion to someone else. I mean, why does the vintner feel compelled to make the best wine? Why does the musician practice all day to be the best? Why is the football player so compelled to play football?


Anyone else have these kinds of conversations with their loved ones? What, if anything, finally helped them to 'get it?"

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Good story. I'm with your wife on that. I don't use marijuana either. I use cannabis. Cannabis is medicine. Marijuana is the toxic weed sent over here by the cartels. Big difference between the two.


People without passion sometimes find it difficult to understand those who have it. Both passion and compassion are virtues.

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