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Liviona City Of Still Rufuses To Recononize Mmmp Card

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My patient was ticketet back in march for simple position charge got pulled over on his way home from work his card was expired renewal came in the mail very next day. Two court dates later still not dissmissed, city attorney is questioning his bonafide doctor patient relationship. This not an 18 yr old kid he has quilify condition. Not that it matters but was only a joint that they found reason he got pulled over was expired plates, expired plates give police reason to search my patient did not consent. The recent sumpreme court ruling on king case not cover this. Liviona us thumbing there nose at the mi sumpreme court our law mean nothing to the city of liviona. The city attorney told my patient that they don't reconize the card. City attorney told my patient that if that was the route he was going to go he needs an attorney present for the pretrail coming up. I'm not sure what to tell my patient/friend to do next.

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Judges are azzholes and the court system is SEVERLY broken. Trust someone who's been thru their crap too many times. if you go in there with a public defender you will be railroaded into a plea or made an example of.

the idea of innocent until proven guilty died a long time ago.


when the judge see's you have paid for an attorney he/she feels you've begun to pay your debt to society. The facts in a case mean squat. your there, you MUST have done something to deserve it, and now it's time to pay!


give your money to the attorney instead of the courts..........someone IS going to take it

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if its just $500 ticket or something... i'd pay it, cost less than a lawyer would cost. you should call some mmj lawyers to see what they advise/charge too.


lets say your bud fought the ticket, might lose in livonia, and win on appeal. but thats months and months and months of lawyer time which costs $$$$.


i am no lawyer, this is not legal advice. sorry for my bad opinion , g'luck.

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Plain to see that their goal is to eventually confiscate most of the money and property from each and every citizen except those of their ilk. That's the road they're on.


Where is 'land of the free' any more. We've become 'land of the fee'. Buy a permit for something, and the permit allows you to do a thing or activity that is otherwise illegal. So why not allow folks to buy a permit to break any law that would not harm another person. No jail, fines & costs already paid in advance. A person could even stock up on various permits and really have a fun weekend.


I realize all of that is extremely absurd. But if you look at where we are now, the horrible things we still do to others, it would have been just as absurd to think we would become that extreme only 20 years ago. We're supposed to be an enlightened species and people. We claim to be. What was it John Lennon said; 'We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight.' Never more true than the present day.


We see time and again that there is little to no justice in many areas of the country anymore. The best one can hope for is a bit of their brand of mercy and the chances of that are also quite slim unless that person likes wearing brown lipstick.


Brother Spartyon, I wish your patient the very best and hope he skates on their bogus cannabis charges as he deserves. Now if he could have only purchased their highly requested 'expired plates permit package' combined with the very popular 'got a joint but an expired card package', he'd be fly.


[The preceeding 90% pain-free announcement has been brought to you by a wonderful batch of Simpson's Hemp Grease.]




Peace. :bong2:

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Thats a good question, but even if exp plates constitutes probable cause should not change this case. No one in the state of mi should be charged with simple possesion if they have a card period per mi supreme court ruling. Anyone aware of any other card holder being charged with possesion since the mi sup court ruling? Any Lawyer's out there no the answer to this question and the first one?

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