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How Effective Has The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act Been?

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MARQUETTE -- How effective have medical marijuana laws been in Michigan?

Voters approved the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act in 2008. Since then, some law enforcement officials have criticized the law as being too lax when it comes regulating the distribution of medical marijuana licenses.

"In law enforcement we have seen people use this law so they can recreate with marijuana and to make money, profit from it," said Capt. Gordon Warchock of the Marquette Police Department.

On the other hand, supporters of medicinal marijuana say it's safer for recreational users to falsely obtain a license than to force them to turn to drug dealers.

"We admit there are recreational users out there," said Alger Hemp Coalition President Mike McHaney. "They'll go to organized crime if you do not provide an avenue for them to get it. Pay the state the money and keep the black market out of it."

Currently there is legislation under consideration in Lansing to reign in the distribution of marijuana licenses by having doctors more involved in a patient's need for the treatment. There's no word yet on when that legislation will be taken up.

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