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Salvaging Moldy Material

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The question whether mold material is safe to use, regularly comes up on multiple forums, and there is no more a yes or no answer to the question, than there is about eating wild mushrooms. All molds were not created equal!


Like mushrooms, molds belong to families, and while some are salubrious and even used by us in manufacturing processes, others can be deadly.


All of us have smoked moldy material, whether we knew it or not, because it is all around us, but unless you have a compromised immune system or are allergic to the spores, you don’t notice it.

In quantities large enough to create an allergic reaction, or with compromised immune systems however, the results range from a runny nose, to death.


The mold spores are the principle source of allergic reactions, but allergic reactions aside, some of the molds produce aflatoxins that attack our central nervous system and livers. Mold material can easily be removed by filtration, but filtration doesn’t remove aflatoxins.


When considering what to do with moldy material, the pregnant question is what kind of mold?


What caused the mold is a clue, but the only reliable way to tell, is with a microscope, and I recommend that you do a microscopic examination to determine exactly what you are dealing with.

Locally, due to our short growing season, Botrytis bud rot is the bane of outdoor growers, and because of our high humidity, Powdery Mildew is everywhere.


This is too long of a read to post in its entirety, so you'll need to click the link to see the pics and read the rest. It is well worth it, IMO.

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