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Coa: Wyoming Cannot Ban Medical Pot Use

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WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) - The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that the City of Wyoming cannot ban its residents from using medical marijuana.


The controversy began when the City instituted a complete ban of the drug use within the city limits.


A resident, who was a medical marijuana cardholder, then sued the city.


On Wednesday the Court of Appeals made its ruling, saying the City cannot stop residents from using the drug if they follow the state rules.



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I never could figure out why they thought they could say you can not use it there when state law says you can. These city/township officials seem to think they make all their own laws. My words to them..... Dumb much......


It's really too bad that it has to go all the way to a COA to learn they cannot trump state law. I'm surprised it did not have to go to the SC this time because the COA hasnt been so smart up to this point either.


Edited to add that I also do not understand why they think they can pull the federal card when it suits them or even pull the federal card period. Do they not understand that they are a just city/township officials and that is it? They act like they are now feds or something. LOL....

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This judgement must have pained both the city fathers and the Court of Appeals greatly.





I will be discussing this on 9/10 news at 11. Does anyone know of a city in N. Michigan/Cadillac that has a similar ban on caregivers/patients, Ann Marie wants to know to call them on it.


Dr. Bob


ps think about how this ruling will affect the 'we can't treat you, we have federal funding' or 'you can't live here, we are federally funded' crowd.

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