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Here's Why We Fight For Medical Marijuana


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Barb Brisson is fully present in her grandson's life, thanks to cannabis.



Here is what medical cannabis is all about: People reclaiming their lives. People making the conscious choice to once again be fully present with their families.


Every day I hear from chronic pain patients and those challenged by debilitating illness. Every day they tell me that when they had to depend totally on chemical pharms for relief, it was wrecking not only their bodies and minds but their relationships with people they care about.


"When we go out on adventures, I tell my grandson that some things, we can't change ... like the sun, moon, rain or snow," medical marijuana patient Barb Brisson of Chatham, Michigan, told me this afternoon. "I teach him to be good to the Earth because it's for everyone to enjoy.


"He cleans up and understands not to litter, and as he grows, I want to teach him that some things do change, and he needs to understand and have a voice in those, too," Barb told me.


"To think that a little over a year ago, I was so waxed on pain pills my mind was in zombie land," Barb said. "I'm a nurse, but I fell for the pharma line.


"My son was so pissed that I was out in left field all time, he said, 'Mom, I don't want your grandson to see you like this,' " Barb told me. "That child gave me my life back. Thanks to compassionate friends, I am now drug free and only use herbs.


"In the last year, I have done so much with this boy, and my son loves it -- because that's that's the way I was when he was growing up," Barb told me. "Funny how in the past year I now remember the things my g-ma did with me, and now I teach my grandson.


"I think she'd be proud of me, especially when we just walk and talk," Barb told me. "Those were some of my best times with her; she was an amazing woman, way ahead of her time."


What is the "dollar value" of one life reclaimed? What is the value of a husband, a wife, a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, returning to life and re-engaging with loved ones?


Thank you all for joining me in this fight. People fight hard when they are fighting for their lives and families. We will never give up.




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