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Today Is Frist Day For Mmj In New Jersey, Welcome To The Club


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The New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program Patient Registry opens today and three Mercer County doctors are participating in the program.


New Jersey has approximately 150 participating physicians in 20 counties who have registered with the program. The local doctors include Pamela Barton in Princeton, Joseph Jimenez in Lawrenceville and Louis Tsarouhas in Lawrenceville.


New Jersey’s medical marijuana law was signed more than two years ago by then-Gov. Jon Corzine. Only physicians registered with the MMP can authorize a patient’s use of medicinal marijuana, according to the state Department of Health.


Participating physicians add patients to the registry by creating a patient record and attesting that the patient has an approved debilitating medical condition and may benefit from the use of medicinal marijuana to relieve symptoms. The doctor will then receive a patient identification number, which the patient will use to register online with the program.


“The department has made every effort to make the process a user-friendly as possible,” Health Commissioner Mary E. O’Dowd said in a news release. “Registered physicians have had access to the system since July to become familiar with it and have their questions answered.”


Patients may also register at one of two Alternative Treatment Centers in New Jersey. Click here for locations.


To receive an identification card, patients must submit a photograph, proof of current New Jersey residency, a copy of a government-issued photo identification and, if applicable, documentation of receipt of certain state and federal assistance programs.


Caregivers in the delivery of medical marijuana must be New Jersey resident, at least 18 years old, and may not be a caregiver for another patient. Caregivers must register with the program and will be required to submit a photograph, proof of New Jersey residency, proof of identification, documentation of receipt of certain state and federal assistance programs if applicable, and submit to a criminal history background check.


Approved patients and caregivers will be required to pay a $200 registration fee, which is valid for two years. Those who qualify for certain state or federal assistance programs can pay a reduced registration fee of $20.


A customer service unit is available to help patients, caregivers and physicians with the registration process. Call (609) 292-0424 weekdays between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Patients can find all registered physicians by clicking here.





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